The Connection Between Transformation and Your Health

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020

This weekend I spent 16 hours in an online retreat as one of the final steps for the women’s health coaching certification I took on earlier this year. During our discussion, we got into the topic of the connection between transformation and health.

In a video by Michael Ellsberg, he explained exactly what this means:

We live in an information heavy era. You can literally in an instant ask Google any question you may have about your health, and have 100’s of articles and information from scholars to fellow symptom sufferers in your hands.

This ability to find information in an instant however begs a question: does this newfound knowledge or the ability to gain it by simply asking Google, rather than spending a few hours and a few hundred dollars in the doctor’s office, really do anything to change the course your health is on?

Take a hard look at your life and habits at this point. It’s time to get really honest with yourself. We all know on some level that we are supposed to eat well, take care of ourselves and exercise, right?

Does knowing that make any difference in whether or not you actually get up off the couch and do it?

I would argue, as does Michael Ellsberg, that there is a gap between knowing something, and actually taking that information and using it to transform your health and life.

And the thing that’s missing is transformation.

See, we can’t just learn something new and expect that having that knowledge is going to magically change the path and course our lives are on.

Unless we recognize what we’ve done up to this point that has led to our current health state (this can be applied to other areas of your life as well, but for the sake of this argument we’ll stick to health) and identify a need and a WHY we need to do something about it that touches, moves and inspires us, all the knowledge in the world won’t matter.

We still won’t apply it, because we haven’t gone through the process of transforming ourselves so that we CAN apply it.

This was true of my own healing journey. When my son Fritz was born five weeks early and my health proceeded to tank due to a high level of toxic stress in my life, all the eating well and exercising in the world didn’t make any difference in how I was feeling or how well my body could cope with the stress.

It wasn’t until I was able to transform my relationship to myself, my emotions and remove myself from the toxic environments (and relationships) that I was able to fully embrace the knowledge I have and use it to finally heal.

A very successful business owner I follow for inspiration, Mike Dillard, shared a similar story of his own today. On his quest to make a big impact with a business that he planned to sell in the near future as a retirement plan (he makes millions, this would probably have put him in the billions) the stress literally almost killed him last year when he had a brain aneurysm.

Through his recovery, in which he went on a massive transformational journey on multiple levels, he has come out with a renewed look on life and a purpose that has nothing to do with making money, and everything to do with being a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs and making a huge impact in the world.

Preparing his business for an acquisition that would make him in the high 8 figures is no longer on his agenda. Serving the world and humanity is. And he’s keeping and restructuring his business to do it.

Where do you fall on this spectrum?

Are you overloaded with information, but feel like you don’t really know how to successfully apply it or have it make any difference in your life?

Are you lacking the motivation to really make any lasting change?

Are you struggling with health challenges, or starting to recognize that they could get serious if you don’t make a change?

Do you feel resigned to a life of medications, no energy, struggles losing weight, poor sleep and a quality of life you wish could be better?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

But moving forward into a new future does require some work, a plan and a big enough reason to keep you committed to doing it.

Do you have a vision for the future and what you want your life to look like?

Is your health and the choices you make on a daily basis currently in line with that vision?

If not, could you use some help getting there?

When I made the decision to train as a health coach earlier this year, I had absolutely no idea what a health coach was.

What I’ve learned over the course of my certification is that there is a powerful distinction between a health coach and a doctor, and one that as a provider that now wears both hats, I’m very excited to be able to provide.

Doctors have for a long time been viewed as being the all powerful, knowledgeable and omnipotent beings who have all the answers.

However, in our information rich age, it is not uncommon for us to go to a doctor and feel disappointed that we actually have more knowledge and awareness of our health conditions than many doctors do. It’s not necessarily a fault of the physician. They can’t be specialists in everything.

But when we’re looking for help and want to change our health, the answers we find in a doctor’s office aren’t always what we’re looking for.

A doctor will tell you what to do (lose weight, take this medication, do these exercises, have this surgery) but for the most part, that is where their knowledge and training, and thereby help and advice, ends.

At the end of the day these things might help relieve our symptoms for a time, but there isn’t much happening in the way true healing. Not in the transforming your habits and life in a way that sticks kind of way.

This is where a health coach can come in. Not as another provider tell you what to do, but rather as someone partnering with you to help you transform and reach your dream and vision for your health and life.

Throughout my coaching certification, and my own healing process, I have identified six pillars that are necessary to experience real healing:

  • Mindset and Motivation

  • Stress

  • Nutrition

  • Movement

  • Sleep

  • Mindfulness

Without addressing your health and life from all six of these pillars, transforming your health and life will remain unattainable and unsustainable. It is also impossible to address all of these areas in a cookie cutter one size fits all process. Your journey and healing process will be unique to you just as mine was unique to me, Mike Dillard’s was unique to him, and Michael Ellsberg’s was unique to him.

So how do you take on transformation as part of your health journey? I’d like to give you a couple of options (because exploring options and new perspectives is what inspires transformation, and what a health coach can provide).

If you’ve been on the information gathering journey for a while, stop. Instead spend some time looking at you, and who you would need to be to successfully implement everything you’ve learned.

Do you need more information to become the person who can heal and improve your energy, hormones, weight, other health issues and quality of life?

What other resources do you need in place to become this person? Friends, family, a coach, a counselor, a change in nutritional habits etc.

What is your dream and vision for the future? Who do you need to be in order to get there?

What’s missing in your approach to life and health that if it was present, would allow you to achieve the dream?

Need help? Here are some of the options available to you:

Over the next few weeks I will be posting blog posts geared at helping you transform each of the six pillars of health mentioned above. I will cover one pillar per week.

Don’t want to wait that long? My new ebook, The Rejuvenated Mama: How to Renew Your Energy, Reignite Your Motivation and Reconnect to Yourself, goes into depth in the six pillars of health. While there is some information contained within, the focus of the book is on how to apply the knowledge you already have to help you and your family transform your health, life and future. While the book is geared at mom’s, the information can be applied to anyone. You can get a copy of the ebook here.

Do you know that gathering more knowledge through a book or blog’s isn’t the step that's going to help you really get to where you want to be? Are you ready to really take on your life and have some help and guidance in doing it? Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with me.

On this call I will help you work out what your vision for your life and health is, what the obstacles are in your way of achieving that, and if we feel we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll share what working with me would entail and how I can help. You then get to decide if that is the right path for you at this time, no strings attached. Regardless of whether or not we decide working together is the right next step for you, you will leave the call with more clarity for your goals and your path forward.

No matter which path you choose, remember I am here to stand for your transformation and help you achieve the life of your dreams!


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