Hey there! I'm Dr. Alex...

In 2015 I was struggling with my health in a big way. I had anxiety and was experiencing increasingly frequent panic attacks.

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Hey there! I'm Lindsay

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My Struggle...

My hormones were a mess. I couldn't lose weight, my hair was falling out, and I was beyond what I ever thought "exhausted" could be. I was running quickly down a road that scared me--one where my health and quality of life would be plagued by mediocrity, medications and an early death.  

I also really wasn't okay with that future I was living into, and while I didn't know exactly what it would look like, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

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My Ah-ha Moment

I hit a low point driving home from my office, where I put in close to 60 hours a week to avoid the major stress I had at home with a husband struggling with alcoholism. About a mile from home, I started to hyperventilate and couldn't breathe. After I'd pulled over and stood looking at the sky wondering how I'd ended up here, I realized two things:

1. I needed to do something or I wasn't going to be around to be mom to my son. 

2. It was in my power to turn my health, and my life around. 

It took some major changes and three post-doctoral certifications, but today I no longer have any symptoms and am the energetic mom, doctor wife and woman I want to be.  

Where I am Today 

Although my original doctorate was in chiropractic, my own health journey and post graduate education led me to the world of functional and integrative medicine, health coaching and pursuing a second doctorate and PhD in Integrative and Natural Medicine through Quantum University (completing in 2021). 

Through my advanced certifications, I have learned to search for the root cause of a problem and can direct women to the appropriate functional medicine tests and lifestyle medicine to help them to discover the root causes of their chronic health issues, and most importantly, get their health and their life back.

Certified Integrative Women's Health Coach

Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner 

Certified Perinatal & Pediatric Chiropractor 

My Mission

I believe too many of us as women settle for a mediocre life, sacrifice our true calling and live with pain and symptoms when it is in our power to do something about it. Today I help women reclaim that power by balancing hormones, boosting their energy, getting off medications and balancing their life. Through an outside the box approach, coaching, teaching, podcasting and writing my goal is to help a million women transform from overwhelmed, overworked and overweight to vibrant, energetic and on FIRE. 

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